Hi all,

I am relatively new to golf and have caught the bug. My HC is low 20s, but am committed to practicing and getting better. I currently play callaway steelheads with true temper x95 stiff shafts and looking to upgrade without breaking the bank. I’m not a fan of how big the club head is and have been thinking about the TS2 or STi2. Also I have hit my buddies clubs with graphite shafts and like the feel of them opposed to steel shafts. Just wondering if anyone has recommendations on the club heads and/or shafts for my HC. After comparing the MPF of my clubs and the clubs I’m looking to upgrade too, I realize they will be harder to hit, but I think in the long run will make me improve my swing and consistency (or I am naive). Any info would be appreciated.

on a side note – will new iron heads be released this year?

Woobie Answered question May 10, 2021

I’ve played several Maltby irons over the past few years. Prior to that several Golfsmith irons and woods. I’ve also played Callaway X2 Hot in graphite and currently play Callaway Rogue irons with graphite (Apollo Shadow FL R fle- play much like DHI iron shafts in R). I’m now a high handicap golfer in the low 20’s.
I run a small golf shop out of my home and do several grips, shaft changes, as well as a few sets.
I finally sat down and hit several of my 7 iron test clubs (PTM, TS2, M890, and STI2) with a variety of graphite shafts of varying lengths (37, 37.5, 38). Hands down the best combination I came up with was the TS2 with a 37.5″ DHI graphite shaft. On average it’s 5 yards longer than my Rogue, turf interaction was excellent and they were the most consistent. Second place was the PTM’s by 3 yards longer same shaft.
I was hoping the PTM’s were the longest as I think the head is more attractive. PTM’s are no longer offered as a set, just a few left in stock at Golfworks. I sure would like to have another set of heads. Built two sets for customers and they love ’em.
I would suggest before you dive in big, order a 7 iron fully assembled and give it a shot. If it works good, order the remainder of the set. Might set you back $75. Probably do the balance of the set for less than $500.
Just my thoughts….