Is Graphite the future Graphite has come along way especially in the Iron category Fugikura Axiom I hear will be great but expensive is there a performance difference between steel and Graphite iron shafts distance,  dispersion etc . And when comparing Graphite to Graphite from Company to Company is their a  noticeable difference? I wonder how Maltby Graphite irons shafts are?

Leaf Answered question March 4, 2023

I am also very interested in this question. In my opinion, certainly for an iron shaft, the lowest torque for a given flex and weight range is best. Looking at the Axiom specs, I have never seen numbers this good. Torque below 2.5 in shafts that weigh less than 80 grams, even for the regular flex? This is for cut shafts (2.5 inch tip) but that is still very good. Wish we could get an understanding of potential differences based on measuring methods. That is info I would like to see.

That said, I don’t think most of us would notice the difference between the Axiom and some of the better quality shafts that you can get in the $20-$40 range through The Golfworks. I have been very satisfied with an XCaliber shaft that The Golfworks once sold, even for a relatively unforgiving set of blades. Love the feel and stability. I get what I gave the ball. Specs and costs for that shaft seem rather close to what The Golfworks currently offers.

I am looking for a shaft equivalent that I can get through The Golfworks. Comments/answers would be welcomed.