I have recently started trying to do some club work myself and decided to test out a few Maltby irons. I epoxied the heads about 2 months ago and now want to swap shafts to set what’s best for my swing. I tried heading with a butane torch and after having the heat on the head close to 3 minutes (rotating shaft every 10 seconds) I still could not get the head to budge. I decided to pick up a heat gun to see if that was more successful and with a similar technique, heated the hosel for nearly 10 minutes and the head was 200*+ and still no movement of the head. Is there something I’m missing or doing incorrectly?


Are there any tips or tricks to loosen stubborn clubs? I also tested an Apex Pro cf16 that I wanted to swap heads with and was not able to get that off either.  The Maltby club I built used epoxy #EPX4

Britt’s response in regards to the driving rod is excellent. You can pick up 48″ pieces of steel rod at Menards for 2-3 bucks.
I have an 1/8″ diameter piece I’ve used in the past on graphite shafts. 1/4″ diameter would probably be fine for steel.