High handicapper (high 20s in limited rounds) getting back into golf after about 5 years, though I never played frequently even before. I’m currently playing with a borrowed set of mixed Ping G5s and G10s with regular flex graphite shafts, and I’ve hit a friend’s Cobra Speedzones really well off a mat at the range. I’ll be getting graphite shafts to match my swing specs, so I’m looking for advice comparing the KE4-S, KE4 Tour, and STi2 iron heads. The KE4-S were recommended to me, and if they’re far and away better for a relatively inexperienced player I’ll happily opt for them, however I like the look of the other two better (and one of the STi2 paks has shafts that would suit me, so financially that’s a huge help).

Any thoughts on the 3 for someone in my position is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

dst Answered question March 22, 2021

I’ve hit all three, and played the KE4-S for a couple of years. I feel you can’t go wrong with either of them. Overall, I would opt for the STI-2. Little softer feel and pricing is very fair.