I was given a set of Mizuno 919 forged irons with Fujikura MCI 60 R shafts. I quite like them but they are a bit soft for me. I was considering cutting the tip by 1/2″ and extending the butt. Is that a stupid idea, where every club builder just shakes his head? Thanks!

T Brandt Answered question November 23, 2022

believe the mizuno’s require a tapered shaft and you wouldn’t want to the tip trim the fuji shafts. Parallel shafts wouldn’t be an issue, and perfectly acceptable.
Your other option is to hard step them by moving the shafts as follows:
PW to 9 Iron
9 Iron to 8 Iron
8 iron to 7 Iron
you could then extend the length as required. may need to pick up an extra shaft for the GW if there is one in the set. These are pretty expensive shafts and I think most would agree with this approach. Nice irons too!

Thanks for the your suggestion!