Wanted to post some pics of the new Maltby max wedges.  Two sole width options with multiple loft options in each.  Weights will be adjustable, allowing for minor head weight adjustments.  These are not the final versions, but very close and the cosmetic is accurate.  These are on the way and we are cautiously optimistic we will have in the next 6-8 weeks.

Britt Lindsey

mkwdrs Posted new comment January 22, 2022


They are Form Forged from 8620 Carbon steel.

Britt Lindsey

0.90 sole width will be available in loft/bounce of 50/4, 52/6, 54/10, 56/12
1.05 sole width will be available in loft/bounce of 54/6, 56/10, 58/8, 60/6

Britt Lindsey

Are the grinds on the max wedges going to be versatile? Will I be able to open up the 60 degree and not worry about blading it? They look great and I’m digging the full face grooves.

Compare / contrast the Tour Grind MG wedges vs the Max wedge. Why would I buy one over the other kind of info. Thx in advance