I have a 6-GW set of irons with these shafts, which are no longer available. Looking to add the 5 iron and maybe SW to my set. Please recommend some comparable shafts for me.

Rlafoone Posted new comment March 17, 2021

Regular or Stiff Flex

Reg flex .370 tip

Closet I could find in Tom Wishon’s older database is the UST MP6 A-Flex
MP6 A flex (Tip to Butt Frequencies 11″ to 36″ & Butt with 454 gram weight)
190 -221-267-336-471-825-269
Miyazaki Jinsoku R flex
207 -228-275-342-493-833-265

The MP6 A is a little softer in the butt and and a bit lighter. I believe balance points are close. GW has them in stock for 25 bucks – SKU: US0062A

Rlafoone thanks for info. Would frequencies for UST recoil 660 reg or iRN stiff be close?

UST DHI Irn shafts in stiff: 209-240-294-369-498-835
UST Recoil 660 F3 (R): 211 – 241-298-380-525-904
Recoils are quite a bit more tip stiff.
General consensus is if you’re with 2.5% it’s pretty close.
I install the iRN’s in my customers clubs as they play well for us old timers and their cost effective. I have the 660’s in one of my Maltby sets.