Hi, I reshafted 2018 Callaway rogue 3+, 4 and 7 woods with the Kurocage HBP shaft in regular.  Attached are the specs that resulted. I used the W8 gap trimming for 3,5,7 woods, and started with the 3+ at no tip trim so they’d all play a little weaker, thinking I could tip them later if I found them too weak.  Overall length as per original Rogue specs +1/2”.  Oddly the frequencies are very close together. I should have weighed the heads, but I didn’t, hence the overall club weights are listed.  I hit the 4 wood extremely well, the 7 good, and the 3+ some good and some not so good.   My handicap is 8, and prior to some back issues and a resulting loss of swing speed I hit them all well with the stock stiff Evenflow blue shafts, so I don’t think the results with the 3+ are due to lack of ability.  Would appreciate your comments overall and particularly the frequencies as well as suggestions for getting the 3+ and seven to play like the 4 wood.  Thanks.

Britt Lindsey Answered question June 1, 2022