I am interested in a used iron bending machine and shaft puller. I like to tinker with clubs but the club is closed down. Was looking to setup something at my home.



Matt Posted new comment July 23, 2020

Just a suggestion. If you don’t have a lot of space there are ways to minimize the space you need. For example, some shaft pullers can be stowed away and inserted into your bench mounted vise when needed rather than the version of shaft puller that bolts to the workbench. A bench top drill press for reaming taper tip iron heads to parallel – if you need that – also saves space. Rigging a way to fasten it to the bench when needed saves even more space. Using air to blow on rubber grips means you don’t need a drip pan, etc., only a rubber shaft clamp for the vise and a small portable compressor. Less messy too. (Use masking tape if blowing grips on. They won’t slide on if you use double sided tape.) With Winn type grips, use rubber cement – put in grip with dowel and the little brush to put it on the tape – it slides right on with minimal dripping. Watch out for squirt out of grip end hole if you use too much. Etc., etc.

Golfworks has a good inexpensive shaft puller:
I built this one shown on Tutelman’s website:
this will get you by for a swing weight scale:
a drip pan can be made out of an old bleach bottle. I used compressed air for myself, mineral spirits and double sided tape for customers.
unless you’re going to get involved, don’t invest a lot. It gets expensive.

Thank you so much for you suggestions. I did not even think of a portable compressor. Any decent one you recommend?

Less is more and no mess.