That time of the year when I start thinking about a building a new set of irons.  I am leaning towards the following:  KE4 Tour FDI H3/21 and H4/23 , and the KE4MAX 6/26 – Gap.

I play to a 9, and my launch monitor likes me and says I get good smash factors.  My 7I (36d/37inch) is my 150-155 club.  I currently use a Score LT trimmed to regular.  I sling high draws from 7 and below, and med-high draws 6-4 iron.  My miss is left.  I like playing high MPF and prefer cast to forged.  Mind giving me your opinion on this potential build?  Can you blend the FDI’s in with steel shafts.  Thoughts?

Popeye Answered question December 12, 2022