Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse….

Had a couple of shafts pured by Golfworks earlier this month. I did this mostly for educational knowledge and started to confuse my self.

From what I understand from the report and watching the videos, the shaft is “twanged” horizontally to determine where the PPOP is at.

the 12:00 position of the shaft is marked with a line, which indicates that it goes into the hosel at the 12:00 position also. I would call this

the vertical plane (12-6), the horizontal plane (9-3) would face towards the target.

My questions are:

the horizontal plane – is that the “stable plane” also known as the NBP (neutral bending plane).

is this also the point that if “twanged” in the horizontal direction with a laser, I would see minimal oscillation (FLO)?

is this also the point that if put the shaft into a frequency analyzer I would see the higher CPM readings?

would this plane also be “close” to the spine?

I’m thinking, if the items above are accurate, I might have a good grasp on this!

Some of my confusion comes as I tend to check CPM with the freq analyzer with a vertical twang, as the auditor clamp (as well as the Kaufman) seems to secure the shaft better and is more accurate in this direction.

If I continue to twang in a vertical direction, would it be better to rotate the shaft in the clamp by 90 degrees so I remain consistent?

thanks in advance


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