Hello, Britt. Thank you again for all you do! You are so appreciated!

I noticed that Evnroll has their training putter model, the TourStroke with a reported MOI of 20,000.

I know that the Maltby Moment X is at nearly 10,000 MOI. At what point would we not see a difference in the results of off-center putts?

By the way, when one of my golfers got past the look of the Moment X and noticed how much better she putted with it, she wanted one, and I custom built it for her!

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Michael-CCLGolf Selected answer as best July 18, 2022

great question! I’ve been playing my Moment X for 2 years. Love it…average 32 putts/round – best is 26.

Evnroll credits their special grooves on their line of putters for keeping off center putts rolling more on line, but it may be the higher MOI that should be given the credit. They don’t say what the MOI is for each of their putters, at least, not that I could find, nor for the putter head weights.
By the way, Golfworks carried “Guerin” putters a while back – excellent putters. They also had special grooves and were excellent, IMO. I custom built several for my customers. Of course, they’re no longer available and Guerin started Evnroll shortly thereafter.