If you play your irons -1/2 from GW’s standard length, what is the recommendation for the wedges.  If the PW and GW would be 35 (-1/2 from 35.5) , how do you address the SW and LW?  -1/2 from standard length of 35.25 would have them at 34.75.  What length would you recommend for the wedges?

thank-you in advance!

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I’m replying as a comment so as not to step on Britt’s response.
the link above from Golfworks website shows the SW and LW at 35.25 a 1/4″ shorter than the PW/GW.
Overall it’s a personal preference and how you want each club to play.
Personally, I play PW – LW all at 36″ and it gives me the gapping that I need.