I have an old Adams 3 metal that had paint that was chipped and basically looked bad.  I have repainted the head and now I would like to paint the “A” on the head.  You sell paint in red (FLPR) and white (FLPW) and also a dispenser (PBT).  Can the paint be wiped off if I get sloppy and the paint gets outside the “A” or do I need a special rag for this purpose?

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 31, 2022

I normally use a toothpick to apply the paint, and a piece of paper towel to do a single wipe where I’ve touched up the lettering. You have to make sure the head paint is completely dry. If there is a bit of residual paint left or smeared, rubbing alcohol on a piece of paper towel should take care of it. Don’t rub it, just a single wipe should be sufficient. If not, use a fresh piece of paper towel and alcohol and wipe again.