I’ve come across a new set of these 3-PW uncut at a steal of a price. I can find absolutely nothing online about them. The concept seems interesting that they’re all tip matched for each club but can’t find anything about intended trajectory, disbursement, feeling, etc. Being a Rifle branded set, I’d imagine that they’re of decent quality but really can’t determine if it’s worth the gamble. 

Anybody know anything about these?


Britt Lindsey Answered question January 4, 2022

limited info, but in essence all shafts will have a similar height when struck. Long irons will have a lower kickpoint, short irons higher giving a consistent trajectory across the set.
I’m sure Britt or Jim can answer better.

Yeah I kind of gathered that they might be a “flighted” rendition of a graphite shaft. I also found that all of the weights are uniform at each individual length, so in other words the PW and 4 iron shafts weight the same which I think should add to some steady shaft MOI progression through the set.. but I could be WAY off on that.

Bat signal engaged.. Britt.. Jim..? :P