Looking to replace shafts with Nippon Pro 850GH R flex. I currently have FST 90 A flex and I have used the XP 95 R flex taper tips as well. I would appreciate some insight on how the Nippon shaft compares to these two shafts.

Britt Lindsey Answered question July 25, 2022

NS Pro will play quite a bit softer throughout it’s length compared to the FST. I don’t have numbers for the XP. Posted as a comment so as not to shut down the thread. I would imagine Britt or others may have more input.
CPM at:
36″ NS-194 FST 207
31″ NS-229 FST 250
26″ NS-274 FST 302
21″ NS-350 FST 378
16″ NS-456 FST 513
11″ NS-756 FST 797
BUTT NS-272 FST 291