In a discussion with another club builder I was being whole heartedly corrected for the use of Softstepping when referring to Parallel shafts. He continued to refer to the Golfworks school as his source of knowledge.

I fully understand that a taper tip which is essentially a pre tipped shaft from the factory is the shaft often discussed while soft or hard stepping. To keep things simple in reference to changes in shaft flex I was using the term softstepping while taking a 5 iron Parallel shaft and putting it into a 6 iron head, essentially soft stepping the iron. The other builder was not happy about my use of terms and stated I can only speak of the Parallel shafts in terms of tip trimming.

I have read in many articles a tipped Parallel shaft which is the same flex as a taper tip meant for the same iron head can be softstepped or hardstepped. It has also been my practical experience that this same concept works perfectly for a Parallel shaft.

Am I wrong in believing that the shaft will gain or lose the same exact flex qualities???

Britt Lindsey Answered question October 5, 2020

I agree with you Popeye. Taper or Parallel, shouldn’t make a difference!