A few questions on spine and flo:

When I spine a golf shaft with the bearing jig I have, I note a definitive hump or hard spot in the shaft, is this considered the spine? Is this the most stable point of the shaft? Is this installed at the 12 O’clock position?

When I FLO a shaft with a laser, I find the plane with the least amount of oscillation. Does this note the spine?

It’s seldom that I find the same point with the bearing jig and the laser. Which would of these would be the preferred method?

Additionally with my frequency meters (3) which measure to within a tenth of a cycle, if I rotate the shaft through all 360 degrees, again I can find a consistent point with a high frequency which I assume is the spine. However it does not match up with either the FLO or Bearing jig either, it MAY be close to one or the other, nothing consistent though.

Anything that I may be doing wrong, or am I missing the boat on this entirely?