Hi I was curious on if anyone has had a similar experience. I appreciate any opinion you may offer. I currently have a mixed set of Mizuno MX25 (3-6) and MP60 (7-P) they are an older set from roughly 2006. I played frequently when I purchased them new but got away from regular play for a while. As my son is getting older I am starting to play a little more often again and looking to update if I can. I really like the look of the TS1 but not sure I can get to that price point just yet. The STI2 look like they can be a good option but was worried going away from a forged iron. Is it worth going with the STI2 for a year or two then going up again or just hold out until I can manage the TS1? Thanks again for any help.

Woobie Answered question January 7, 2022

I have the sti2 irons. While not forged, they feel great at impact. Of course, they are uber forgiving. And the best bang for the buck.
Why not ease back into the game and enjoy it?

They seem to be a good option to get going again. Only played 8-10 times last year and hoping to at least double that this year. It would be nice to have something a little newer in the bag. Thank you for the input.