Hey y’all

I’ve looked all over the MPF and GW spec pages and can’t seem to find anything about the specs on these clubs. I did come across some spec #’s on another website but it showed a 32° 7i which seemed much too strong for a 2011 CB.

Are you able to help me with the specs on these? Thanks!

Britt Lindsey Answered question December 27, 2022

Some info in this thread, not sure it’s exactly what your looking for.


Really appreciate the lead but looks like these are for a different model that looks like more of a MC than a CB. Although the specs here are more in line with what I’m expecting to find.

Hopefully these can be tracked down somewhere in the GW archives

So this is actually the link that I was talking about. I forgot that it was the Tour Spec site. 32° 7i and so on. Just seems a bit strong for a 2011 player’s-ish club. I’ll eventually have the specs checked. If corrections are needed I want to make sure to have them done properly. If anything, I’ll go 2° weaker to reduce offset a hair but just trying to find a baseline to start.