Looking through the specs of the Maltby TS4 and 2022 TaylorMade Stealth irons (or any other GI irons that have an MPF below 750), the TS4 scores 52 points higher on the MPF scale… I know there’s more to an iron than the final MPF score, but help me understand why I shouldn’t just get the sexiest club I can (TS4) if it’s not going to punish me over other offerings. The biggest difference I see with these is the MOI of the Stealth is 24% higher, but the C Dim is smaller as well as COG is higher and closer to the face.

What is a scenario that I would want a traditional GI iron (under 750 MPF) instead of a TS4 or TS1 IM?
(Coming from the Adams A2OS at 636 MPF).

Shrek74 Answered question May 13, 2024