I put a 52° DRM wedge in play today and had a true oh wow moment. When the chrome version.came out I grabbed the 52 and the 56. I couldn\’t get settled in with the feel and quickly went back to my M Series +. The DRM finish really intrigued me and grabbed a 52 for myself and a 56 for a customer.

First off the color and finish is just perfect. Its understated and elegant in its simplicity. It is supposed to patina to rust but I may keep it maintained with wd40 so it stays just like it is. It\’s gorgeous.

Feel wise was another giant surprise. It was soft through the ball with great feed back. It was nothing like my first experience with the chrome TSW. Spin and control was intuitive. I was able to be very aggressive on approach pitchs or full swings. Pitches were two hops and stop. Full swings stayed with in a few feet of its pitch mark without zipping back off the green.

I\’ll be ordering quite a few more.

I hope the DRM finish finds its way to some of the new forged lines. Huge fan of the finish.

Britt Lindsey Answered question May 24, 2021

agree Popeye. you hit the nail on the head. They are beautiful heads.