Tried to search and didn’t see anyone ask about this before. When I stopped by GolfWorks, the lead guy in the shop (great dude) mentioned that the torx screw on the back of the TS1 is actually a vent. And for the TS2, the entire back panel in the cavity is also a vent. He suggested this element of the design was there for playability reasons (although I can’t recall any specifics). So I have a few questions…

  1. Can you confirm that the screw (TS1) / back panel (TS2) are in fact “vents”?
  2. If so, what is the vent’s purpose? Is it solely a manufacturing process inclusion, or is it functionally intended to impact playability?
  3. Are there any issues with submerging TS1 or TS2 irons in water when cleaning?

The last question is what I’m most curious about (assuming they are vents). I normally soak my club heads in water and dawn when I clean them. And was a little apprehensive about soaking the TS1 if the vent provides a way for liquid to work its way into the club head.

sparky14 Answered question September 6, 2022

I have playing the TS1 irons for 2 years now with no evidence of rust. I’m
not sure if that is a screw or a pressed in plug. It does appear to be the location
where the foam is injected behind the club face.

Another TS1 owner on GolfWRX confirmed it’s a screw (T8 torx IIRC). And when checking he thought they seemed a little loose; but was able to snug them up.