Crazy! There seems to be no obvious reason for a new wedge head to fall off the shaft at the hosel. Here’s what happened to one of the new clubs I assembled about 4 months ago. I was giving my guy a lesson and as he pulled the PW out of the bag, the head bent over in half like it was on a hinge, and it fell off the shaft! It left a pretty clean break in the graphite shaft. This is a club that had been hit numerous times before with no problem.

I had done my usual preparation of the shaft tip and hosel bore, and did my usual epoxy job as well. I also did a thorough final inspection of the club, checking the epoxy job to be sure the head, hosel, ferrule and shaft were free of any possible residual epoxy I may have missed during assembly. Nothing could explain what happened, so I “blamed” the shaft, ordered a new one and reshafted the wedge. No problems ever since.

Something occurred to me just this week that may explain what happened. Perhaps the top of the hosel bore had a sharp edge that cut the shaft during shots. (So I just ordered the deburring ball and counter sink tools to address any possible rough edge in the hosel. I’ve been using the wire bits to prep the hosels, so I didn’t think they would leave a sharp edge.)

Would like to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience and found out what happened. I’m especially interested in hearing from Jim, Pete, or Britt. Thanks! Michael