I wonder if you can give me a general recommendation on what type of wedges I need? I had a 6 hdp but it went up to a 10 just because of chipping & pitching. I have the yips! :( I’m now using a Titleist Vokey SMS7 54°-10° and a 58°-10°.

My PW is 46°.

My main trouble is on a tight lie in the fairway. I am great out of the sand and not too bad out of rough or longer grass. Which wedges would be best say … 70 yards & in from a tight lie in the fairway? A couple years ago I chipped & pitched great with a 56°-14° wedge but not sure what to pick now? Thought about possibly a 52° & a 58° – bounce?? Sole grind??
Thank you. ~ Glen

Jim Yachinich Answered question January 5, 2021

I don’t know your game or your swing fault that’s causing you to lose confidence and get the yips.
What I do know is the wedge designs with the wider soles will allow you to gain a lot of confidence that the club will get the job done with out acting like a back hoe and leaving the wedge stuck in the ground. The longer sole give you more effective bounce and allows the club to glide through a huge variety of turf.
If you are a 10 hp you have some skill and I would probably tell you to try the M-Series + midsole…. which I just looked and……. they are being discontinued..
But that would be a style that I believe you would have the most success with. Something like the Tour MG would be a lot harder to perfect out of a tight lie with its narrow sole.

Thank you Popeye for your reply. I will check those out. :)
I have a good all around game but somehow got the chipping/pitching yips and that’s added many strokes to my scores. I realize most of the problem is my swing but I am right now using narrow sole wedges which don’t help. Have a great year! ~ Glen

the TSW wedges have a generous sole width also at 1.07″

Thank you Riafoone. I’ll check them out! :)