So I know we talked about marketing.. the truth is when I’m fitting these guys and telling them about pros and cons.. I tell them about your guys maltby irons wedges and how your 1/2 to 1/3 of the price sometimes cheaper and just as good, if not better performance and feel wise.. but man the looks I get.. haha… I know we own golfworks.. is there anyway to get some demos if your clubs in our stores.. or at least my store as a test store.. I do not need a lot.. maybe a dbm, mmb, and te 7 iron one regular on stiff of each.. and maybe a more cavity back iron.. and then a driver or two..  all it is going to take is a couple of swings.. and at that price point I’ll sell them like hotcakes.. but they look so skeptical.. I really want to spread you guys and I try.. but it is hard when I don’t have product for them to hit..

I guess no love on this question lol