I just got back from a session doing a head to head with these two drivers. KE4 was set to 9.5, SIM MAX was 9.0. Shaft in the KE4 is the Xcaliber Superlite55, SIM MAX was a Hazardous Green 6.0.

The KE4 more than held up to the new TM. The TM was 46″ my KE4 45″. I got a higher club head speed out of the TM but it matched the ball speed. 109 mph vs 107.4 but equal ball speed of 155. (Actually I had along an ISO-T 10.5 which is not optimal for me but at 106 club head speed matched the other two at 155 ball speed. But that combo spins too much for me)

All of the data between the two clubs were extremely close. Feel wise was a slight nod to the TM. But not by a lot. Sound wise was also very close the TM being a touch quieter. Length wise both clubs averaged 300 and 301, (TM was 301) with the KE4 hitting a session long of 310

The KE4 took me a little while longer to get cozy with but it honestly gives up nothing to the TM. I have a full review on Golfwrx with pictures.

Awesome driver launch from Maltby. It’s quite different from the earlier ISO-T head in many ways. So it will appeal to people differently. Later in the week I’ll test it against the ISO-T 9.5 once I get the club back in my hands. That will be a very interesting comparison.

So if any of you are questioning how good this club is to the latest from a flagship OEM,, fear not… you give up nothing to the TM,, expect well over twice the cost for the SiM MAX.

Nice review Popeye..hope they send you a Hzrdus shaft.