I’ve got a line on a set of PX IO’s (which I really enjoyed hitting at a recent fitting) that have been pulled (relatively new) from a set of Ping i525’s.  I can’t seem to find any information anywhere on the hosel depth of the Ping’s, and if these would be a good match for me with a set of TS-3’s.  I know these are butt-trim only, so my understanding is that if the hosel-depth in the i525’s is longer than the TS-3’s, I’d effectively have shorter clubs than I’m hoping for.  Sure, maybe only by 1/4″ or so (maybe?), but I like to play my shafts 1/4″ long, so this would make the find not worth my money.

Curious if anyone knows where I could find that info, or if that’s just not generally listed anywhere.  Appreciate any help at all!

Rlafoone Posted new comment March 20, 2023

To short, use shaft extensions.