When using laser to find the spine of a golf shaft how do you determine between the spine and NBP of the golf shaft.

BradsGolf Answered question January 14, 2023

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My experience to definitely determine one from the other, you need a frequency analyzer/meter. The highest frequency will determine the spine, lower frequency the NBP. I don’t believe you can do it with a laser tool alone.

When i flo a shaft I seldom find what one would call an NBP and I’m not really concerned with the spine. I’m strictly looking for the best FLO. Once I detemine that, I usually (95% of the time) find FLO 180* on the opposite side of the shaft (not that it’s really important).
I orient the shaft to oscillate left to right, once i get the straightest oscillation, I mark the shaft on top (12:00), and orient the 3-9 position (FLO) to/from the target line.
there are a lot of threads involving this on this website. Popeye made my life a lot easier regarding this. see this thread: https://ralphmaltby.com/questions/question/puring-and-flo-questions/answer/7421/
If you bring this up on some of the other forums, it can get pretty intense!