I am contemplating purchasing the ts-2 6 iron and would like recommendation on shaft to use. I currently have tm4 irons with stock shaft. I currently hit the tm 6 iron 150yds. I am looking to be able to shape more shots.

Popeye Answered question January 13, 2022

not really enough info. to just give it a try, I’d suggest a Score LT shaft R-Flex. Cost effective and a good shaft in steel, or a UST DHI iron Shaft R flex in graphite.
with your swing speed, I’d suggest only tipping the shaft 1.5″ to make it a bit softer. Again, not really enough info about your swing, tempo, path shot shape etc.

Added to my question is my tempo according to garmin s60 is 2.5- 2.7, my path most of the time is more out to in and pushes the ball with some right to left spon. I also can push the the ball straight right with almost no spin but I belive its because I am not completing my hip rotation.

Sounds like a pull hook -right to left spin, over the top?
Guesstimate do a search on 3B3H generally a R Flex, distance & control, high launch, holding off a hook ( I assume you’re a righty).
This will at least give you a starting point.