I went for a fitting, hit the PTM, TS1 and TS2 and others.  TS1 had the best flight, spin and distance.  Thought the TS2 might be a tad more forgiving, but lower launch with same shaft.  Dispersion was essentially the same.  The TS2 forgiveness has me thinking of using TS2 in the 5 & 6, and TS1 7-GW.  I like the TS1 lofts.  Bend the TS2s to 25 and 28?  Am I over thinking this?  Suggestions?  Thank you.

Therty Answered question January 4, 2021

I like the idea and the loft adjustment makes sense. Depending on shaft choice, I would maybe go with a softer flex in the longer irons to get the launch angle higher.

Thank you, with golf I tend to over analyze everything trying to squeeze out everything I can.

Duffer, all things equal, TS2’s are naturally going to produce a lower launch in the corresponding club due to their stronger lofts (TS2 7i loft = 30* vs. TS1 7i loft = 32*). The question I would ask myself in your situation would consider the downrange ball flight with the lower launch angle. Did the lower launch correspond to lower peak height, less carry distance and lower descent angle (ability to hold greens) than the TS1s? If not, I wouldn’t worry about the lower launch angle as some club heads are designed to reach optimal downrange numbers with lower launch angles. If the down range results were impacted negatively by the lower launch angle, agreed, increasing loft would be the way to go. Happy New Year!

Thank you. I used distance above and should have typed carry. But I had never thought of a lower launch design being able reach optimal! Spin…. thanks.